Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New quilts.

I realize I have dropped out of blogging for awhile. I have been too busy. I actually spend tons of time on the computer but don't take the time to blog. I love to read everyone else's blogs though. I have finished a few major quilts. Sarah, you will be happy to know your wedding quilt is finished----only 10 years late!
This quilt is "Sarah's Roses". I even quilted circular feathers in the white blocks.

I finished the top of this unnamed quilt which will be my nieces wedding quilt. It is a collage of beautiful Asian fabrics.

This is a king size 30's quilt in a pattern called "Stepping Stones" Tons of sewing!

I finished my Dear Jane Quilt. I Finished it in time for it to hang at the Quilt Festival Quilt show with several other Dear Jane Quilts. I am so happy to have it done.


  1. Mom, Thanks for the quilt. It is gorgeous!! I also LOVE the dear jane!

  2. Your quilts are breathtaking! Great job finishing all of those!

  3. I like the 30's quilt. I can't believe you washed your phone!!!!!

  4. You are a quilting maniac! Gorgeous!

  5. Just to remind everyone--I call dibs on the Dear Jane quilt whenever it becomes available.

  6. These are all beautiful, Mom! You're amazing.