Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doodle Hoot Quilts and Embellishments

I DID IT!  I started a little pattern company called Doodle Hoot and just published my first 3 patterns!  A few of my friends just bought them and wrote their names on them!  A few even had me Autograph them!  I have really neat friends.

This is called "Holy Family".  It is the first of a set of three.  The other two will be shepherds and wisemen.  They will all be the same size and hang together like a triptych.

This is my "Love Multiplies/the Storyteller" quilt.  It has a story that you can read about on my website...YES!  MY OWN WEBSITE!

And this is my Watermelon Purse.  I just got the idea and made it up.  I carry one around.  It makes me feel like summer.

Can you believe I actually did it.  I took pains to make sure my patterns looked really professional.  They look so good in the bags, I just love it. Whew....