Thursday, November 23, 2017

Christmas Quilts 2017

Most of these quilts were started by Aunt Zelma and finished by me. So you will get the product of a double heritage.   Here’s the list.

1. Sarah  #3 Red Batik Trip
2. Ben  #4 Pink and Green Trip
3. Abby  #9 Hydrangea Sampler
4. Julian  #2 Autumn Trip
5  Hannah #1 Red and White Trip
6. Joe #8 Out of the Box
7. Caleb #5 Stripes
8. Betsy #6 Native American Sampler

The first 4 are trip around the world quilts.  It was the only quilt Aunt Zelma could make her last year or so.  She had a method of using a white piece of paper with a bold black line on the base of her sewing machine. She was able to line up the fabric against the black line and sew quarter inch seams even with very poor eyesight. Shortly before she died she told me she had several bags with Trip around the world pieces cut and labeled.  She didn't think people would know what they were since there was not a pattern or instructions included. She asked me to find as many as I could and finish them if I was interested. I found 3.

                                                  1. Red and White Trip HANNAH

                                                     2. Autumn  Batik Trip---Julian

3. Red Batik Trip   SARAH
This is the actual last quilt Aunt Zelma made.  It was in a bag recently returned from the quilter. I just trimmed it and put on Binding.

4, Pink and Green Trip  BEN

                                                    5. Green and Maroon stripes-- CALEB
This was in a bag half put together.  I just finished it.

6. Native American Sampler--Betsy

These blocks were in a bag with the yellow and purple border and sashing.  The blocks were made by Aunt Zelma and some of her friends.  They signed their blocks. Some quilt groups will have everyone make a block following a color scheme and then have a drawing to see who gets to take them home.  I'm sure that is what happened here.

7. Loves me. Loves me not.

The rest of these quilts are mine.  This is a small Wall or lap quilt.  It is probably 55 x 70 or so.

8. Out of the Box--JOE
This one is 55 x 80.  Still small but really cute.

9. Hydrangea sampler---ABBY
This is a little bigger lavender quilt.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

another Little quilt year

No time again this year so I made these little trees quick, or these quick little trees. Here's the order.

1.  Sarah -- Number 8
2.  Ben--Number 3
3.  Abby--Number 5
4.  Julian--Number 1
5.  Hannah--Number 13
6.  Joe--Number 11
7.  Caleb--Number 4
8.  Betsy--Number 9

Here are the quilts.  They are numbered.  Each one is different.  Just tell me what number you want.
Love you all!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Not enough quilts!

This year I was unable to finish 9 give away quilts. I rationalized that you all might be getting too many quilts that you are afraid to use anyway.  I think I will cut back to every other year quilts for awhile.  This year I made you all a "Holy Family" wall hanging.  This is my own design, my own pattern.  Hope you like it.
        There are  2 blue ones and 2 of the ones with red/green/yellow borders.  There are 4 red poinsettia borders.  So you still have to pick.
Here is the order.
1. Betsy
2. Sarah (done cause I had to take it to Thanksgiving)
3. Ben
4. Abby
5.  Julian
6.  Hannah
7.  Joe
8.  Caleb





Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Quilts 2014

It's time for Quilts again.  I am doing a trunk show in January and will need some of these so you might not get your quilt til after that.  I'll let you know after you pick. Some of them are at the quilter this very minute.
This is the order

Caleb-(Already done)

 Jul and Deanna This one is called Heat Waves, and was made from Auntie ZZ's Fabric

 Hannah This one is "Autumn Leaves" and was made from Auntie ZZ's Fabric also.  The picture does not capture the beautiful fall colors.
                    Joe and Andy       This one is called "City Streets"

 I did not make this darling Halloween quilt I call "Goblins"  I bought it at a yardsale that was earning money for an adoption. Someone donated it fresh off the long arm quilting machine.

Sarah This is a simple quilt I call "Red, White , and Blue Squares".  Creative title huh?
               Ben andVal          This is a bigger quilt called "Scrappy Zig"
                        Betsy   This is called "Stars and Stripes"
                  Abby                  This is called "You've got Mail"

So Betsy is first.  HaHa it's probably the middle of the night in Japan and you will all have to wait for her to wake up!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas quilts 2013

Here is the order
1.   Joe
2.   Caleb (Done)
3.   Betsy
4.   Sarah
5.   Ben
6.   Abby
7.  Julian
8.  Hannah

 VAL This quilt is called O + O and is 64 inches x 78 inches

BETSY  This quilt is called Cardinals and is 63" x 71

 SARAH This quilt is called Moving Time (since I made it while I was trying to move), and is 77 x 77

DEANNA This is this years monster 95 X 78, called Blue Stripes

 Gramma KarenThis is teeny tiny 50 x 60 called Cupcakes

ABBY This quilt started out as the back to another quilt, but then I decided it deserved to be a front.  It is called Back to Front, and is 65 x 88.

 ANDREA This quilt is called Wonky Churndash, and is 80 x 66

Hannah This is called Geese in the Neighborhood and is my original pattern. 63 x 81