Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Quilts 2014

It's time for Quilts again.  I am doing a trunk show in January and will need some of these so you might not get your quilt til after that.  I'll let you know after you pick. Some of them are at the quilter this very minute.
This is the order

Caleb-(Already done)

 Jul and Deanna This one is called Heat Waves, and was made from Auntie ZZ's Fabric

 Hannah This one is "Autumn Leaves" and was made from Auntie ZZ's Fabric also.  The picture does not capture the beautiful fall colors.
                    Joe and Andy       This one is called "City Streets"

 I did not make this darling Halloween quilt I call "Goblins"  I bought it at a yardsale that was earning money for an adoption. Someone donated it fresh off the long arm quilting machine.

Sarah This is a simple quilt I call "Red, White , and Blue Squares".  Creative title huh?
               Ben andVal          This is a bigger quilt called "Scrappy Zig"
                        Betsy   This is called "Stars and Stripes"
                  Abby                  This is called "You've got Mail"

So Betsy is first.  HaHa it's probably the middle of the night in Japan and you will all have to wait for her to wake up!