Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Day "Gift from God"

We went to Albuquerque as usual, to spend Thanksgiving with Sarah and her family. We found Sarah running around getting things done for Thanksgiving dinner, and in labor. We convinced her to go to the Hospital at about 11pm and Nathan was born at 12:14 am on Thanksgiving Day. She wanted to name him Micah, but Jared promised the baby before he was born that he wouldn't let Mom call him that. Sarah decided that Nathan means "Gift from God" and he was definitely that, born on Thanksgiving. Very special.
We took pictures of the kids with Nathan as Baby Jesus. The one that I like, with the color desaturated, wouldn't download, but I'm sure you can see how cute this picture is.
We went to see the petroglyphs in New Mexico. It was an easy hike, then the kids stood on the edge of the mountain so we could take pictures. Hannah would not have been pleased.
I left NM and came home to the rat race of getting ready for Christmas.
Oh yeah, Cell phone update. Caleb's cell died, Abby's cell died, I washed mine, Val washed one of hers and dropped another in the tide. All of us have working cells now, thanks to ebay and friends. Jim's cell is starting to have issues. It's like swine flu for cell phones or something. Just in case anyone cares.