Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alaska Cruise

We went to Alaska on a cruise.  I wasn't real excited about going someplace COLD on a cruise.  That just seems wrong somehow. Until I saw Ketchikan.  It looks just like Northern Idaho which I LOVE.  I absolutely loved the whole cruise.  This is Ketchikan.

We went with 10 people in Jim's family, and some of us rode in a float plane!  It was so fun!

We saw a family of Orca's.

We saw Humpback whales from the side of the ship everyday.  I got several pictures of "Flukes" which are their tails as they dive.  They were huge and magnificent.  I wish I could have touched them.

The scenery was nearly prehistoric. I couldn't catch my breath.

We saw several Glacier's.  We sailed down Tracy's Arm to see Sawyer's Glacier which was the biggest we saw.  This one came clear to the water and big pieces would "calve" off.  There were mini icebergs all over in the water.

Of course it was very COLD by the glacier.

We even saw fresh steaming bear poop on our hike.
I lost my cell phone, found a great quilt shop in Skagway and ate myself into a near coma.  All in all, a great vacation.