Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ben fixed this picture so it has REAL lightsabers!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We just came home from California where I met my new Grand Daughter Zoey Maeling
We attended her Blessing on Sunday.

We went to the beach where I discovered that some of the seagulls can catch a sandwich in midair. Actually, they can stop flying and remain in the same place in the air for several seconds while waiting for me to break off a piece and through it. How do they do that?

We went to Adventure Land where we built this addition to this fort. See my cute Grands in our little room?

The funnest thing we built was this giant On-OFF switch.

We also played with Ben's light sabers. It's funny what happens to a fully grown person when you put a light saber in their hands.

Brother against brother--no mercy!

Of course a trip to California is not complete without a trip to Fenton's. Afterwards we sat on the curb and watched the cars go by, or counted blue ones or something like that. (See "UP")
It's good to be home.