Monday, December 7, 2015

Not enough quilts!

This year I was unable to finish 9 give away quilts. I rationalized that you all might be getting too many quilts that you are afraid to use anyway.  I think I will cut back to every other year quilts for awhile.  This year I made you all a "Holy Family" wall hanging.  This is my own design, my own pattern.  Hope you like it.
        There are  2 blue ones and 2 of the ones with red/green/yellow borders.  There are 4 red poinsettia borders.  So you still have to pick.
Here is the order.
1. Betsy
2. Sarah (done cause I had to take it to Thanksgiving)
3. Ben
4. Abby
5.  Julian
6.  Hannah
7.  Joe
8.  Caleb