Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is too fast!

This summer has been exhausting so far, quilt show, my dad's heart problems, cruise, New Mexico, Girls Camp.... I am ready to stay home the rest of the year! We do need to go to California after grandbaby number 19 is born. I probably will be recovered by then. Here we are at Kaitlyn's baptism in New Mexico.

Kaitlyn was so adorable. Here she is just before her baptism with her dad, Scott. It was so touching. I am so glad we got to be there. It was my favorite trip so far.

This was my favorite time of camp. It rained, snowed, hailed, sleeted, and at all the most important times.....The sun shone! The stake leaders heated up some water and put some good smelling stuff (by this time a GOOD smell was pure heaven) in the water and we soaked our feet for hours, well at least 15 minutes. The girls were, well, girls.....and I really learned to love them. I also learned a huge appreciation for heaters and soft beds and hot water and tubs and husbands that make a 2 hour trip to the wilderness to fix your flat tire and bring you rasberries.

I love you Jim.