Friday, August 26, 2011

To Bee Or Not

When I was seven, I was playing on the swing set at the end of the trailer park where we lived in Dayton, Nevada.  There were yellow jackets buzzing around and I swatted at one that came too close.  It became very angry just like the one above and started dive bombing me.  In abject terror I took off running for home. Home was at least the length of 4 long trailer houses away.  I ran as fast as I could and could hear that yellow jacket just over my shoulder the whole time. When I got to my front door, while I was fumbling to open it, it stung me.  That is how I explain my fear of Bees.

When we lived in Kentucky I was in the van with all my children  in front of the high school looking at the reconstruction that was going on. My window was rolled down, we were stopped but the car was in drive.Suddenly, a bee of some sort, I think it was a wicked yellow jacket,  flew in my window. I felt overwhelming terror and jumped out of the car. Yes, I abandoned my children to the bee and left the premises. Unfortunately, the car was still in gear and it started to roll away.  My kids were yelling at me, incredulous, and I finally realized what I had just done. I jumped back in the car, even though the bee was still there, and saved my family. I realized then that I had to get over my fear. I still hate them, but I don't think I would jump out of the car again.
Today my cute hubby brought me a flower and a card that had a cute picture of a bee on the front.  It said
"I would totally throw myself on a bee for you.......totally".       My Hero!