Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#18 Afton Elizabeth Anderson

Last Wednesday, March 4, Little Afton was finally born. My schedule had been "tentative" for a week, thinking she would make her appearance earlier. The hospital wanted Betsy to come in at 9 am to be induced so I went to AF to pick up the boys. Caleb had an orthodontist appointment at 10:15, so I picked him up at school and took him and the little boys to the dentist. Afterwards I left the little boys with Caleb and raced to the hospital to be with Betsy when Afton was born. Russell was texting me the whole time, keeping me informed. He asked me to pick up a hamburger for him on the way. As I was finally on the home stretch to the hospital, Russell texts, "She wants to push!". I text back "Tell her to stop!!"

I made it 5 minutes before Afton was born. If that hamburger had made me miss Afton's birth, I would have been mad at Russ forever.
I have spent a great deal of time since then watching Porter and Reid.

I know at first glance this looks like a suave young man with a pencil mustache and a smoking jacket, but it's just Reid wearing his pajama top for a coat, after having a meal of good garden dirt. Russ said his diaper the next day had enough dirt to plant daisies. Oh well, that's the way gramma's babysit.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

mission call????

I have a friend who says the only way she is going on a mission is if she gets an email from the Lord. She told me last week her email came. That ran through my mind when I walked outside on Friday night and found this.

the poster says "Congrats Bro & Sis Porter. Siberian South Mission.

Then I thought, "Oh no, some sweet person put this at the wrong house! That has happened before. Then Jim said, "I don't think there is any such mission as the Siberian South Mission" How would he know that? He went inside to his computer and looked it up. Sure enough---no such thing. We then recalled that our pranking mischeivous daughter and son-in -law had been here earlier in the evening. After a call and poorly disguised pretense of innocence, Betsy admitted guilt. We have had several calls from neighbors wondering where the Siberian South mission is, and how come they didn't know we were thinking about a mission. Funny....