Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas quilts 2013

Here is the order
1.   Joe
2.   Caleb (Done)
3.   Betsy
4.   Sarah
5.   Ben
6.   Abby
7.  Julian
8.  Hannah

 VAL This quilt is called O + O and is 64 inches x 78 inches

BETSY  This quilt is called Cardinals and is 63" x 71

 SARAH This quilt is called Moving Time (since I made it while I was trying to move), and is 77 x 77

DEANNA This is this years monster 95 X 78, called Blue Stripes

 Gramma KarenThis is teeny tiny 50 x 60 called Cupcakes

ABBY This quilt started out as the back to another quilt, but then I decided it deserved to be a front.  It is called Back to Front, and is 65 x 88.

 ANDREA This quilt is called Wonky Churndash, and is 80 x 66

Hannah This is called Geese in the Neighborhood and is my original pattern. 63 x 81