Friday, February 20, 2009

New Quilts

It's been forever since I blogged or even read blogs. I have been busy with other things. I finished 3 quilts.

This is the "Swirl" Quilt that I started at Quilt Festival last September. I took a class from Louisa Smith. The Quilt is interesting, and I would make another swirl quilt, but I would not make my own fabric "strata" like Louisa does. It's not fun. It was beautifully quilted by Kim Peterson. (Kimberwood Quilting).
This little "Harvest" Quilt was a group effort. My Bee divided the tasks, I did the plums, somebody did the pears, someone else did peaches etc. We ended up with this cute thing. I embellished it with bug buttons.

I learned how to do this "Fractured Stained Glass" quilt last year at Bryce Canyon Winter retreat. I fimnally finished it because My Bee wants to learn how to do it. I didn't love it till I took this picture. It really looks like the sun is shing through a stained glass window. Cool.

The best thing Iam doing lately is taking care of Caleb Moody, a Darling little boy that I took care of when I was doing Pediatric Hospice. He surprised everyone and decided to live. He was expected to die shorly after his birth and he is now 4. He has a trach, a g-tube and is on a ventilator at night. He only has one eye. The other eye is closed and has eyelashes so he looks like he is winking. You can check out his blog, the link is on my blog. He is such an angel. It is very rewarding and uplifting to love him and help his family. It is just what I needed these last dreary days of Winter.