Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I survived Quilt Fest....sorta

I survived Quilt FestivaL!!! Sorta....
This is a class I took from a National Teacher, Louisa Smith. Very interesting but HARD and stressfull. It is on my design wall looking for just the right fabric to finish. Thats why there are random fabrics stuck to it.
We were able to buy chances to win "Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Quilts" I won this cancer block that was made into a clock. It is actually my block that I donated last year. Don't tell anybody but it is 2 boobs, one pink and perfect and one odd but lovable.
We also bought chances to win donated mini-quilts. (A lot of gambling going on it seems). I won this one although I did not buy a chance on it!! I can't figure that one out.

My convergence class was pretty good. Here are some of my student's quilts (almost done). They really did a good job. I have pictures of all of them and their quilts, but won't put them all up.

I was also nearly mugged the first night on my way back to my hotel. Ogden is a SCARY place. Heavenly Father was watching out for me even though I made it really hard by putting myself in a dangerous situation. I had to remember to BE Careful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Next week is Annual quilt Festival where I will be teaching "Convergence" which is a method of converging 4 pieces of fabric together to make a neat art quilt. I am teaching "Tropical Convergence" which is the parrot one above. However, Between February (when I sent in my proposal) and August (when It was accepted and people actually signed up to take the class) the parrot fabric became obsolete.
This is a problem since I agreed to make kits. So I made "Harvest Convergence" above

Converging Bats
and "Converging Apples and Bluebirds" to entice people to want a kit for them instead. So I have lots of kits and I just hope people will be ok about this.

I am also teaching a beading class and was not able to find the same ribbon I used for the sample. I really don't want to do this again!

I just want next week to be OVER!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Truth #1 Jesus Wants me For a Sunbeam

I read my 20 year old daughter, Abby's blog about the sign in the grass that said "Don't step on me I"m growing". She wished she could wear a sign like that also. How cute and philosophical is that! So I started thinking a little deeper just for a moment.

I recently read a book written by a Psychiatrist which consisted of 30 truths he had discovered in his life experience. I agreed with some and thought he was looney at other times. I decided that I would write my own personal truths (when I figure them out).
So this is my "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" truth.
In church, I have occasionally had jobs that I just don't care for, or jobs that are really time consuming or isolating. I struggle and struggle and find myself complaining and not enjoying church or the job or life in general. I often think of moving to get released. I am currently the Junior Primary and Nursery Chorister. Yes, it was "one of those jobs".
I dreaded Sundays, until one week I looked into the eyes of one of the kids and saw how much he was enjoying the music that I was so bored with. I had a Eureka! moment when I realized I had the power to help those children LOVE primary music. I started researching how children learn and every week I look into the eyes of those kids and love what I am doing.
Any way, the truth is, if you have a job you hate, chances are you will keep getting that job again and again, until you learn to love it. If you learn to love it, it doesn't matter if you get released or not, you will be happy.