Saturday, April 11, 2009

First "Show " Quilts

This quilt is titled "In the Beginning", Doodle #1. I took a bunch of my doodles and reproduced the shapes in bright fabrics made brighter by putting them on a black background. Kim Peterson did some fabulous quilting and then I put almost 1000 swarofsky crystals in the middle.

This quilt is titled "Love Multiplies" . It was made from another one of my doodles by the same name. This is the story that goes with the original drawing.

I was taking a Lamaze refresher course in preparation for the birth of my fourth child. The teacher was expecting her second. Her reaction upon hearing that I was expecting Number four was “We are only having two children. We don’t want to have to divide our love between more than two, it wouldn’t be fair to the children.”I was literally speechless. Didn’t she know love multiplies? It doesn’t divide or subtract, it adds and multiplies. The more you give it away the more you have to give. So this piece is dedicated to my mother and all those she has taken in and loved, and all her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She taught me that ‘Love Multiplies.”
I have entered both of these in a quilt show. My first. I am nervous about having my stuff judged. I am hard enough on myself without voluntarily paying someone else to criticize me.

I went to a quilt retreat with my Bee. We made these table toppers called "crazy Eights" . It was fun and easy.

I turn in the show quilts on April 18. Then I will be powerless to change things and will have to just wait and see what happens. GLUGHHH!

I think I will take up knitting!