Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Christmas Quilts

It's time to choose Christmas Quilts again.  It's a miracle I Have 8 to give this year! But then "Miracle" is the Porter Family's middle name this year.

 This is a big one, you can see that it covers the top of my King size bed.  It is a little dark, good look for a cabin.  It is called "Just Squares"  Hannah

 This is smaller as you can see on the bed.  It's red orange/salmon, green, yellow and black, much brighter than this picture.  This is "QQ sampler".Joe

This one is pretty small. Probably just a throw at the bottom of the bed. "Posey's"Sarah

This almost fits across the king size bed.  "Carribbean dreams" Ben
 This is probably twin size.  Made with Christmas Fabrics. "Christmas Ribbons"
 This is made of flannel and is pretty small.  It is bigger than a crib quilt.  I think it is about 2 yards square.
"Flannel Star" Abby
This is also a small throw, very masculine, the fabric has ducks on it.  The colors are much richer in real life
"Pinwheel ducks" Caleb
This is the Order
1. Hannah
2. Joe
3. Caleb
4. Betsy (Sorry,Betsy allready chose hers since she is here.  She chose the reject from last year)
5. Sarah
6. Ben
7. Abby
8. Julian

If you hurry and pick, I will be able to send Ben's with Betsy, at least I will if they choose one that is finished.  Several of them haven't been quilted yet.
Love you all.