Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Women's expo

I went to the Women's expo this weekend....twice.  It was soooo fun!  I discovered new products and businesses and talked to a lot of very interesting people.  Here are a few new things I discovered.

The Applecore cord manager.  These cute little applecore looking things have already added colorful organization to my drawer full of earbuds, headphones, and power cords. They are so cute! Save 10 percent online with coupon code "scrapbookusa".

Heritage makers had the cutest "Go fish " cards that you can make with your family's pictures and names on them.  Do you have any Grampa Porter's?

Having a brain block trying to think of interesting things to do for date night?  Sign up at
and they do the work, you pay the bill and show up for better than average dates. !st month free, promo code: HERO.
 FEET HURT?  Try these Happy Feet insoles. I bought some and I LOVE THEM!  You can even where them with thongs.  (not These............!


Try out eyelash extensions at Fab-u-lash in Provo or Lehi for a reasonable price. No web site.

Xcellerated Performance Bands
Iv'e got mine on.  It improves your strength, balance and flexibility.  I'm going to need it because I've joined a new gym.....

What have I done?