Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cell phone tragedy

Not long ago, my Daughter-in-law, Val, washed her cell phone. It went through the wash cycle in the washing machine. Needless to say she had to get a new phone. I must have subconciously wanted to try that. I started a load of wash late at night, especially needing to wash the jeans I was wearing. About 15 minutes later I realized I didn't have my phone and had the chilling thought that it was in the wash. I ran to the machine, opened it, and as it stopped spinning, I saw the light of my cell phone whirling around. I took it apart and set the hair dryer on it. It is 2 days later now, the "Y" doesn't work and the right side menu button. Betsy said I sounded like I was talking under water when I spoke to her yesterday. The charger keeps saying that it is too hot to charge, but I still have hope. This is my second phone this year. It simply MUST recover. (Or I could get myself an iphone for Christmas) hmmmm.

I just realized that nobody read my last blog because it didn't update on peoples blogs. I wonder why?


  1. Did you know that last week Val dropped her new phone on the beach during a photoshoot. When she went back to find it, the tide was in and her phone was sleeping with the fishes. Luckily, a friend gave us his old phone so we didn't have to pay for a new one.

  2. Yeah Kathy, sounds like you and I are on a roll. If you are really following in my footsteps, you will lose your next phone on the beach.

    P.S. Don't follow me. Get an I Phone and keep it forever!

  3. If I wrecked my phone, only my family would care!

  4. Better in the washer than the toilet I always say!! ... and admit it, we've all done that. Do your visiting teaching! XOXOXOXO