Friday, July 31, 2009

chicken pasta recipe

Here is a great chicken pasta recipe that we had in Knotts yesterday. YUM It makes enough for an army but the recipe can easily be reduced.

Pasta Salad

1 pkg. bow-tie pasta (12 oz.)
1 pkg. spiral pasta (12 oz.)
1 20 oz. can pineapple tidbits
2 cans sliced water chestnuts - chopped
2 c. chopped celery
4 green onions, chopped
1 cup red grapes, sliced
1 can cashews
1 pkg. or craisins
1 lg. can mandarin oranges (I used two small cans)
6 large chicken breasts, cooked and cubed. (I used 3 cans Costco chicken)

1 bottle Kraft coleslaw dressing mixed with
1 cup mayonnaise.

Cook the pasta, drain. Drain all of the canned items. Mix together in a giant Tupperware bowl with dressing. Chill, Serve.


  1. That is yummy, I had some (more) leftovers for lunch! Also - my hubby, son, sister-in-law and I all enjoyed that yummy cake - good trade!

  2. That is so funny - I'm making that same salad right now !! It IS yummy. sorry we missed you at the reunion last week.

  3. Hi Kathy, I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for Kim Peterson's website. What fun to run into an old neighbor unexpectedly! I tried your pasta salad recipe when I need something quick, easy, and that made a TON and it was just perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Becky Heath