Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quilt Studio!

Real quilters have quilt "studios". Untill 2009 my quilt room was in my closet next to my bedroom. I finally felt so claustrophobic that I couldn't sew. I tried moving my sewing machine to the kitchen but everybody complained, not to mention that food kept getting all over my projects. So I sold the airhockey table, got rid of the big TV and kitchen cupboards that were in the basement and turned it into a studio!

This is my giant design wall made of styrofoam insulation covered with flannel. Oh yeah, that is my Doodle quilt hanging there, awaiting borders.
Jim, my favorite (and only) husband, built these shelves for me. Oh how I love a man with talents! I wrapped my fabric on things so that it looks like a mini quilt store. The tupperware containers have the smaller pieces of fabric divided by color.

Just another view.

Another view that shows my New Joy "Magic" quilting frame. My talented husband and son moved it from my bedroom to here and made it 10 feet instead of 8 feet. The really wonderful thing is...I had them make it 12 feet and decided it was too big for the room, so they had to take it all apart and make it smaller. They are so awesome.

My sewing machine, allready with fabric piled on the table, and my cutting table in the corner. I nned more light there. My machine faces the TV so I can watch old movies while I sew. Ahhhhh, life is good for a REAL QUILTER!


  1. Hooray for Kathy!!!! I'm so excited for you! You enjoy that quilt STUDIO you deserve it! Love the pics and how great your fabric looks too - fun fun fun!!

  2. I LOVE the shelves!!! I'm sure I could use those for something too...I love how organized it looks.

  3. wow. you really have a fun set up. I love the way you've sorted your fabric. You have me beat. See ya tomorrow. Louise

  4. I'm not really sure, but some people might call that a real quilt obsession, not a studio. :). I LOVE your doodle's sooo pretty!!

    Love ya mom!

  5. How awesome is that? Every time I see a good set up that is functional and is a place to inspire creativity I think of the Virgina Wolff book, A Room of One's Own. I love that idea and think it's the greatest indulgence to have. You certainly have the creativity to fill it up.

  6. I love the quilt and the room! I'll know where to find you if you ever go missing! You might find it easy to become a hermit. I have dreams of doing that someday.

  7. Wow!!! I love what you have done. I am so excited for you to have an entire room devoted to doing what you love most. Everything looks fantastic! And I love your doodle quilt. You are so talented! I can't wait to see more of your quilts. Love ya, Chandra :)