Saturday, January 3, 2009

More cabin fun

We organized a little family "War" at the cabin. We divided into Porters and non Porters. If you were born a Porter, you were on Team Porter. Otherwise you were a non-Porter. That meant couples were split up and children followed their fathers. It was fairly even numbers.

This is Team Porter. Little Porter Anderson (center front) was on this team because of a technicality. He was born a "Porter". This is their fort.

This is Team Non-Porter. (We have to think of a better name.) Our fort has a face and a personality. We had planned to have an all out snowball fight, but it thawed, rained and froze overnight and left us with ice forts and ice balls to throw. We decided in the interest of safety to take turns trying to destroy each others forts, the last fort standing wins.

We had some interesting attempts at destruction. Scott tried a flying kick which nearly broke his leg.

Kendall put his whole body into it, we nearly had to use smelling salts to bring him around.

Val tried a little karate "Crane" kick. Keep in mind, the forts are nearly solid ice. After everyone was injured they finally decided to use "Tools". It no longer mattered who won, it was the principle of the thing---we had to destroy the forts! They used picks, shovels and axes and finally demolished the forts to ice cubes. I didn't get a picture because when the axes came out, I went inside.

The most interesting thing was how competitive everyone was. There was talk of midnight raids on the other teams fort. There were secret strategy meetings. It was a riot. Next time we divide into teams, we might need to keep couples together so that the women can control their men. Everyone knows wives are very "controlling".


  1. What a hoot! It's a good thing you're a nurse - sounds like that comes in handy in your family!

  2. I love your camera! Those action shots are so cool. I love how you caught Scott in the air like that.

  3. Looks like you are still having as much fun as ever! I was so happy to get your blog address. I will put it on mine and be able to stay in better touch!

  4. Isn't it great to have a camera that takes awesome pictures. Of course, you are awesome too because you took them.

    We had so much fun with everyone. I'm glad we came.

  5. ...and these are the memories that will be indelibly etched in the hearts of the Porters and Non Porters. Ain't life grand?

  6. those are GREAT pictures of scott and kendall in mid-action! What a great camera.

  7. We have a standing bowling game each christmas. We are the bloods and the non-bloods. Louise

  8. We should have called ourselves Team Russell.