Saturday, December 20, 2008


The other day I was having a conversation with my daughter Abby about a new boy she had met. In the course of the conversation she paused, sighed, and said disconcertedly, "I'm trying so hard to judge people by their personalities and not by their shoes".........Well...........I burst out laughing, it was the funniest thing I had heard for ages. Then I realized she was totally serious. You can read her blog for her explanation. She thinks you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they choose to wear everyday. Anything to do with shoes is totally foreign to me, I am not a shoe person, but Abby's comment stuck in my head as I looked over my own shoe collection.

These are the shoes I wear everyday, summer and winter, to work and play. Notice I have a dressier pair with jewels and a warmer fur-lined pair. What does this say about me?

I don't wear crocs to church though. These are my 10 year old black church shoes. They are a little too small and the heel is off one of them but I consider them still servicable.
Abby made me worried about the impression I was giving people because of my shoes so I bought a new pair of church shoes when I ran into a clearance sale last week. I admit they are pretty cute, I like to look at them, and they look cute on my feet. But I guess I am an inexperienced shoe buyer because when I wore them to church last week, I couldn't keep them on. I had to kind of drag my feet a little to keep them on. It was a lot of work! I had tried them on with bare feet and was wearing nylons to church. I could not walk normally. I finally took off my nylons and was able to finish the day, but even then I was walking a little funny trying to keep them on. I don't think I can wear them again and I can't return them. Maybe Hannah will be able to wear them. Nice try though. Do I get points for trying?

I also bought these little brown shoes. I don't know yet if they will stay on. Basically I'm glad I still have my old black ones. I also tried wearing different shoes for everyday, not crocs. My feet hurt. I think that is why I am not a shoe person. I cannot find cute shoes that fit and are comfortable. I don't mind sacrificing comfort for style once in a while, but not everyday, and not if I have to walk like a dork. I don't know what it says about me, but I am back to my ugly old crocs. Why can't they just make crocs cuter?


  1. Those shoes you bought are so cute! I love the brown ones, and if they don't fit I want them and will make them fit me!

  2. yeah- those shoes are cute. I'll definitely take them off your hands if they don't work out for you. I have some shoes that look almost exactly like your brown ones...except they're black. I love the little button on them. Cute.

  3. I love your "dressy crocs"! What a hoot. I am not a shoe person either - I am totally into comfort myself! P.S. I hate nylons too - so I think I'm going to hell.

  4. I think Abby needs to write out a description of what the person is like depending on their shoes. For instance:

    Croc Shoe People: These people are laid back, fun people who don't mind getting dirty. They are easy going and get along with anyone.

    Tennis Shoe People: These people are always on the go. Sometimes they run where they are going because it's just faster and they can squeeze more into their day.

    Stiletto Shoe People: These people have a high sense of fashion, that's why the shoe must match. They like to take things slow and with the heel that they are wearing, that's about the only pace they can go.

  5. Those are cute shoes and cute crocs. I think I must have multiple personalities! I have shoes of all different styles. :-)
    I love your blog!