Friday, October 10, 2008

James Christenson paintings

My Husband, Jim, recently got a new job description. He is now an Associate Dean of the College of Life Sciences. For now, he is still the Chairman of the Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology (phew) also. He has a new office on a different floor as Assoc Dean, which is smaller than his office as Chairman, so he doesn't have room for all the pictures that were in his Chairman office. They belong to us but we bought them for his office and I've never been able to have them at home. I brought 2 of them home. They are both by James Christenson and I love them to bits.

This is "All the World's a Stage". It has characters from lots of Shakespeare's plays and it is fun to try to identify them. We are trying to see all of the plays so we will recognize the people. It's funner to SEE the plays than to READ the plays.

This is by far my favorite Christenson painting. It is called "Sometimes the Spirit Touches us through our Weaknesses" The stool the little guy is sitting on says ,in Latin, "After clouds, sun". I love the humor , yet poignant meaning to his paintings. The one in Jim's new office is called "The Oldest Professor" These aren't my actual pictures because you can't take a picture of a framed picture without getting Major glare. I have had to move stuff around to find room for these picures in my house. I kind of feel like I have to paint now.

When I went to quilt Festival, one of the national teachers, Laura Wasilowski, showed us a picture of the tomb of the unknown sew-er (think needle and thread). I finally found it and got a picture.


  1. What cool pictures. I can't wait to see them in your house.

  2. Ha Ha Ha. Congrats on your "new" pics. Sorry you have to paint, but it will look really nice for the party at your house!

  3. What party?! How come I'm not invited?