Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quilting, not just a hobby anymore.

Front of Carry-all. Pocket for ruler and rotary cutter.
Back of carry-all....Ironing surface, and pocket.
Inside of carry-all, cutting board and organizing surface.

I am in charge of planning the programs for the Utah Valley Quilt Guild. Yesterday we had a meeting that I have been working on since April. I think it went well, actually better than I expected. I had decided nobody would be interested and it would be the poorest attended event for the last 5 years, but in actual fact, LOTS of people came. The thing I am GLADDEST about (I just finished reading "Pollyanna") is that it is over and I don't have to worry about it anymore! I taught a class how to make a mini quilting carry-all. I designed it. I am GLAD to have all the kits gone and out of my kitchen.

My next stress is Utah Quilt Guild Festival next month. I am teaching 2 classes with optional kits. I am also in charge of door prizes that have been accumulating in my house since April. I am sure it will be the worst door prize meeting they have had for the last 5 years.

I am also making a "Dear Jane" quilt. Jane Stickle made a quilt in 1863 with more than 2200 pieces. The blocks are tiny and intricate and every one is different. Each block takes 1-4 hours to make and there are 225 blocks. I have 5 rows finished but with deadlines constantly on my horizon I have been setting it aside more and more. So I live with the stress of knowing I am getting farther and farther behind. There is going to be a "Dear Jane" quilt show in one year that I need to finish it for. Oh dear, my stomach hurts.... I'm sure it will be the worst one anyone has seen in the last 5 years anyway.

My version of "Dear Jane"


  1. You're crackin' me up!!! The worst one in years.... Ha Ha Ha! The meeting was great, you're great and I loved your pink polka dot shirt today! Great blogging!

  2. You're the best quilter, the best I've seen in 5 years!

  3. You are making me laugh as well. Everything you do is fun... you just seem to always make it that way. This year will be the best door prizes ever.... they will talk about your creative quilt classes for years and your Dear Jane rivals that of Shirley's. You are very, very funny.

  4. Mom that is the coolest start of a Dear Jane quilt I've ever seen. I didn't know dad followed you around Golden Gate Park as you ran! That is so sweet. Love ya!

  5. You rock (that is Brynn language...everything cool or good "Rocks!") You have the best ideas and I love the colors of your quilt...I would never blow my nose on that one (Ha! Ha! was just a joke!)