Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm not sure I am doing the pictures right but at least I put some up. It as a random bunch to be sure but it is a sampling of the pics I just downloaded onto my computer.

We recently returned from visiting Ben's family in California. I still love California. The cost of living is attrocious but the weather is so mild and delightful. I love the wierd vegetation and the smell of Jasmin and Honeysuckle and the neat/wierd people. I don't mean Ben and Val are neat/wierd, I mean the general public, not that Ben and Val aren't part of the.... oh forget it. Ben and Val and the 3 little hippies are so much fun, I REALLY hated to leave. I bet Ben and Val are happy to be able to sleep in their own bed in their own room and only have to feed their own crew. Love you guys

All my daughters and daughter-in-laws ran a 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago, well, except Hannah who had JUST had a baby. (Is that really a good excuse? We just found out Betsy ran it pregnant!) There is a serious lack of macho men in this family. I can just imagine the comments I am going to get about THAT statement. Relax guys, I'm just baiting you. I started running when I had 4 little kids and lived in San Francisco. Jim packed all the kids in the car and followed me as I ran through Golden Gate Park to make sure I was safe. I know my sons and sils (sons-in -law), are watching their kids so their wives can get out and maintain a semblance of sanity. They are sacrificing for their wives. Good job girls, you married well.


  1. I hate to break it to ya ma--but there ain't no pictures!

  2. I found your pics (I'm sure Russ will say something rude about me not seeing them) but I think you didn't make them part of your post--just part of your blog.

  3. Great job, Kathy - you go girl!

  4. We LOVED having you come visit! CJ seriously bawled when you left, and I almost wanted to join her!

    I sure did marry well, look at Ben, he's a hunk! Oops. . .I didn't mean to get all "joe and andy" on your blog!

  5. Hey, no one ever said that we had to take the love out of blogging. You don't need to apologize for going all "Joe and Andy". You should embrace it and cherish it. Only the very happiest couples flirt while they blog. I call it flirging...or blogirting or flogging...Ok maybe not flogging. That means beating with a rope or a stick as a form of punishment. Of course that might define how other people feel while reading flirty blogs,so it may actually be the best choice.

  6. Kathy, Sarah's picking on me again!