Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Quilts 2011

It's time to pick your Christmas Quilt. This is the order of the draw. Dad drew the names so don't blame me.

Julian and Deanna
Hannah and Kendall
Joe and Andrea
Betsy and Russell
Sarah and Scott
Ben and Val
Abby and Kam

There are 10 quilts so hopefully no one will feel like they are getting the dregs. Jule and Deanna, email me as soon as you decide so Hannah and Kendall can pick. etc.  I will put names under the quilt as soon as I hear. Some of the quilts are big and some are little couch quilts, so pay attention to the size.

 "Amy Butler Chains" (Amy Butler designer the fabric) 98 x 78 Sarah and Scott

 "Roses on the Beanstalk" 70x 79

 "Floating Squares" 72 x 55  Abby and Kam

 "Peachy Spring Flowers" 88 x 70 Joe and Andrea

 "Ducks and Pinwheels" 67x 57 (This one looks more masculine in real life. The colors aren't good in this picture.)

 "Lattice in the Den" 67 x 55  Caleb

 "Grampa's Churn Dash" 67 x 57  Julian and Deanna

"Jewels in the Sky" 92 x 82  Ben and Val

 "Happy Pinwheels" 94 x 82  Hannah and Kendall

"Cotton Candy" 81 x 71 Betsy and Russell

I Love you all.  Have fun, Don't fight.


  1. Seriously? You really are doing this again? How do you produce so many quilts every year?! I'm excited! Especially because I'm 2nd this year! Woot! Julian....don't pick the one I want.

  2. So fun! Julian--pick quick so we can get it all figured out SOON--the anticipation kills me! You are awesome mom!

  3. Thanks so much Kathy, they are all so beautiful...and you have a very sweet son. This is actually making me cry. We were talking about the ones we liked and I told him to go for the one he liked best since I chose last year and they are all awesome, but it looks like he went and picked my favorite.

    You make amazing quilts and amazing children.

  4. Now I'M crying Andy. Good job Joe.

  5. At first I was bummed that I was at the end of the list again this year, but then I got the one I wanted anyway, so Ha! Mom, thanks for the awesomeness (and the awesome quilts too)!

  6. Thanks Mom--I like that no matter what I order I pick I still end up with a quilt made by you!

  7. Oh man....Betsy's going for first on the list next time. :)

  8. Oh man...Thank you Betsy. I'm crying again. I have such great kids.

  9. You and Jim are the best. It was so nice to get to see you for thanksgiving. Wish we could talk to you forever. Thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL quilt. We are so lucky.