Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching up on stuff

For my birthday (almost 2 months ago), Jim got me a Kindle.  It is SO COOL!!!!  I read and read and read and even better, my Kindle READS TO ME!  Most books are text to speech enabled so I can have it read to me.  It is a computer voice that reads phonetically so sometimes it is quite hilarious, but you get used to it and it sounds totally normal after awhile.  I can read and sew, or read and clean, or read and work on the computer to my hearts content.  It is a multi-taskers dream. Thank you Jimmy.

This is what I woke up to this morning, MAY 24, 2010, almost June!

Branches are breaking and it is still snowing.  What is going on!


  1. Kathy - that is so exciting about your Kindle - I think Stacy is buying me one for my birthday too (not for a few months yet). I'm glad to hear how much you love it. I can't believe the snow either!

  2. I keep buying flowers, and then we get weather like this!! Stinky.

  3. Your Kindle looks awesome! I can't believe the snow in May??? Tell it to go away because we are coming in a few weeks!

  4. I am so old fashioned because I just love the feel and smell of a book. I do love listening to books on my ipod though so I can understand the appeal!

    It has been sooooo warm here all week. And it is supposed to get up to 88 this weekend. It went straight from winter to spring! Where are my 70 degree days with a cool breeze??

    Hope it warms up there! Love you xoxo :-)