Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Theme 2010

Jim, Mom and I went to Boise to see Hank. He is frail and in a lot of pain, but was still sharp and witty. He had a hard time functioning through the pain and it was obvious he was a demanding and frustrating patient. Poor Jane is worn to a frazzle. She put him in a Nursing home temporarily so she could get some rest. She feels very guilty about it. If Hank could get comfortable, life would be easier for everyone. I don't think he is as close to death as people have implied. I think he is months away, much to his dismay. He is tired and in pain and ready. I am very glad I went to see him. I remembered how good he was to me. He sent me to college and was present at every important event in my life. My poor excuse of a father never bothered. Hank was a mean, violent selfish man, but could also be generous and loving. I will try to remember the good times. The bad thing about this picture is that I lost 25 pounds and still look like a porker. I just started back on my diet.

My cute friend April inspired me to have a Family Theme this year. I used President Monson's question, "What did you do for someone today". I bought and painted a magnet board to put it on. Underneath is a quote form Elder Uchtdorf.

Sorry it is sideways, I forgot to turn it around before I imported it. I love the thought that the number of prayers we answer may be more important than the number of prayers we say. We ask each other what we did for someone today whenever we think about it. I actually woke up the other day with the thought "What can I do for someone today". That is the idea, to make it be a natural part of our thought process each day, make it be a habit. It is a little hard for Caleb since he is at the "ME" stage of adolescence, but I think it will really help him. Thanks for the idea April.


  1. I'm glad you got a chance to go and see Hank. I'm sorry to hear that he is in so much pain.

    I love your family motto. That's a very inspiring thought. I'm pretty sure I'm in the "ME" stage of adulthood. What a great idea to think about what you can do for others everyday.

  2. I admire everything about you Kathy and what a good person you are. I think it is hard sometimes to look at the positive side in situations but you have done a great job.

    I like your family motto. In fact, since last conference, our family shares what they have done for someone each day along with their best and worst. I like that you woke up wondering what you could do for someone that day. I just wake up thinking, "Am I going to have enough energy and make it today?" Ben just told me from the other room, "that's a long comment" (he's waiting to watch tv, typical man.) I just had a lot to say.

  3. I like your motto too. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and forget about serving others. You set that standard for helping others and I am always in awe in all that you do. You are my hero!

    And I think you can tell that you have lost weight!! You look great. You and your Mom don't seem to ever age! All of your girls are very lucky to have such good genes!

    Love ya, Chandra :-)